How do I drink Ketones?

Your KETONE drinking journey will be simply amazing if you follow these steps!!

Adjust your diet for when and what you are hungry for! Your internal hunger clock will change…listen to it! Cravings will also subside…ketones naturally help you eliminate a diet with heavier foods and carbs & sugars.

Before noon is always recommended. (If drinking just one per day) We personally drink our 1st Ketone between
8-11ish daily. We have not given up our morning daily coffee. 2nd drink between 1-4pm. YOU DO YOU!!

Just note you are put into ketosis within an hour of drinking one pack of KETO//OS NAT and can stay in that optimal state for up to 6 hours. Spread the two servings about 5-6 hours apart. You must consume the NAT drink in less than an hour. This elevates your ketone blood levels to the highest point to feel the significance of the benefits all day!

The bright colorful packets are charged; which means they have caffeine, whereas the white ones are un-charged; so, there isn’t any. Charged packets have about the same amount of caffeine as one 10-12 oz cup of coffee, that’s it. You will not have highs, or jitters or a rush type of energy…just clean & steady.

You will adjust to them if them seem sweeter at first. Give them time. Add up to 30oz of water to your liking and decrease as you adjust. We always add ice!! YES, you can add them to ANY zero calorie or zero sugar drink choice such as Sparking water, iced tea, or flavored Vitamin water, or milk (including coconut or almond) for certain flavors. Again, ALWAYS consume & enjoy your ketone drink within about 45 minutes.

THIS WILL ALWAYS BE A MUST & NEVER STOPS. NOT ALL electrolytes are created equal. Added carbs & sugars are a RED FLAG!! Pruvit has an all-natural electrolyte called Mito//Plex that you can add directly to your ketone drink! Mito//Plex is the only enhanced electrolyte for keto & low carb dieters. It also contains Creatine Monohydrate which improves energy production, muscle mass, performance, and cognitive performance. Didn’t order Mito//plex yet? That’s OK! Start with Power Ade zero or use any 0 CAL, O SUGAR electrolyte!

Water intake is especially more important than ever on a lower carb diet. Dehydration is one of the most common side effects of being in ketosis. Same if you eat KETO, Dirty Keto, or low carb! DO NOT overlook this! Carbohydrates hold water and sodium in your body. When you eat low carb those are excreted, and you will retain less water. If you are not staying hydrated you may experience headaches, fatigue, dry mouth and an uncomfortable tummy. Flavor your water if you wish and always avoid anything that contains sugar or calories. Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are essential in a good electrolyte regimen–equally as important when choosing an electrolyte. Pink Himalayan Salt will replace sodium depletion when ¼ tsp is added to regular water! Water also pushes your fat loss MUCH FASTER!!

Remember,  Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of Ketones! You’ve GOT THIS!!