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Post Idea 1

I totally jumped into ketones and I’m super excited as I found something amazing that has helped me with my energy, brain fog, and some fat loss early on.
I’m just at the beginning of my journey, But I’m definitely feeling:
Increased energy without feeling jittery ✔️
Better mood ✔️
Curbed sugar cravings ✔️
Amazing sleep ✔️
Fat loss ✔️
I truly have just added this one drink to my day and I feel so much more focused with clean energy and so many less cravings. They have made such a big difference for me!
This is NOT a diet— it’s a simple drink- backed by science..and puts you into ketosis in less than an hour!
Summer is coming!!! Whooohooo!!
I’m looking for accountability partners to join me to try! I want to feel amazing by summer and then keep going!
Anyone want to do it with me?
If you’re even curious and just want to try them…GO FOR IT!
Happy to help you with Flavor trials too!! DM me!!☺️

Post Idea 2

Ok so listen.
I’m going to run 🏃‍♀️ through some things for those who have questions 🤗
First off this isn’t a meal replacement.
This IS NOT a weight loss supplement.
No you don’t need to diet LOL Live your life and enjoy your life just lower carbs and sugar for best results.
Stay hydrated-being in ketosis will flush water out fast which also brings me to…
The product contains salts that your body uses. This isn’t table salt.
This is needed by your body to retain water and balance of fluid.
You will not bloat in fact you will never have less extracellular subcutaneous water (puff) in your life.
Ketones that we have are exogenous which means they aren’t made by the liver so your body is getting the benefits minus the diet.
You can still have carbs lol 😂
You can still eat how you do now.
You can still take your multi vitamin.
This will enhance your life in so many ways, I have seen so many more benefits than fat loss.
Fat loss will happen naturally if you’re consistent with product (1-2 packs a day)
This is not a gimmick.
It’s not loaded with caffeine.
It’s not some “supplement” you would find on amazon or GNC.
This works!
It’s you-only running on super fuel ⛽️

Post Idea 3

❌ You don’t have to give up carbs…
❌ You don’t have to give up your favorite foods…
❌ You don’t have to do endless hours of cardio…
❌ You don’t have to restrict yourself…
❌ You don’t have to give up your social life…
❌ You don’t have to feel burnt out miserable…
❌ You don’t have to spend hours working out…
❌ You don’t have to do any of these things to lose weight..
✅ You DO need to follow something you can sustain…
✅ You DO need to enjoy the process…
✅ You DO need to do something that fits your lifestyle…
✅ You DO need to do something that gets you results without wasting a ton of time.
✅ And you DO need to book your FREE strategy call so we can figure this out together.
If you’re ready to ditch restriction and burn out, click the link in the comment section and let’s chat!

Post Idea 4

My daily dose of O.M.G.
2 months in and I’m feeling like a human again, 🏃🏻‍♀️ energy I haven’t experienced in years, 🍽 appetite control, 🧠 Mom Brain is gone and my Focus at work is on point💫 But the best part is coming home to my family and able to give them my Best Self💗 Thanks _____ for my #momfuel My only regret is not trying this sooner!!

Post Idea 5

Product Testers Needed!!! 🍹😀
Yahooooo!!! We just got a huge shipment of out chubby mom/dad SuperHuman drink!!
If you would like any of these benefits, please comment🙌🏻… If you don’t need these 👉🏽Who do you know that needs them? That means your husband or wife, family, next door neighbor, hair stylists, dentist, etc😁
😍Fat Loss
🦋Fast and Sustained Energy
🐙Reduced brain fog
🐬Increased Brainpower
🐭Increased focus
🐷Appetite Suppression
🙈Assists in Abdmonial Fat Loss
🦏Strength Gains
😆Better Mood
😜Joint health
😴Better sleep
💩 Better digestion
💁‍♀Clear Skin
🤓Menstrual Clarity for the ladies
Any questions ❓PM me!!!🤚

Post Idea 6

So…it’s a little outside my comfort zone to post about this, but About (1 month ago) I heard about a drink that helps improve energy, reduce junk food & soda cravings, and just helps you feel better.
I ordered and really enjoyed them & they tasted great. Fast forward.. ..In the last month I’ve already released over ( ) pounds.
I truly have just added this one drink to my day and I feel so much more focused with clean energy and so many less cravings. They have made such a big difference for me!
Since it’s the new year I’m looking for accountability partners! Anyone want to do it with me? If you’re even curious and just want to try them…go for it. Drop a ☺️ SMILE😊 if you want to join me for this challenge in (current month) or just want more info!

Post Idea 7

This one is a guideline for writing your own, following this question format….
👉🏽What was day to day like before drinking KetoNat?
👉🏽How long have you been drinking KetoNat?
👉🏽What’s your favorite benefit/s ?
👉🏽What’s days like now?

Post Idea 8

Alright, so I signed up for something and I’m super excited about it! My good friend (( )) and I are doing it together. It’s called the 10 Day Challenge! We drink one drink for 10 Days in hopes to gain more energy, better appetite control, sounder sleep, and just feel better overall. I can’t wait for mine to get here! It’s on the way! Do you want to join us? There is still time. Drop a 🙌if you wants the deets on how to grab your box!

Post Idea 9

I am beaming within excitement cause this drink is amazing and I feel SO good!! What drink?!
Seriously- they even gave me my confidence back! They shut off my appetite, my sleep is amazing, my brain focused, my muscles stronger, AND my mood incredible🤗
The truth is…. ketones give me a WAY better relationship with my family too!! You can be a WAY better Mom/Wife ((Dad/ Husband)) when you feel better about yourself!
It’s not a Diet! It’s a Drink & ANYONE can try!!
DM me for details!!! I wish I hadn’t been SO skeptical and had tried them sooner!! ☺️

Post Idea 10

There was a time that I hated waking up and starting my day. I was always exhausted and burning the candle at both ends trying to keep up with kids, work, my health, my dogs, my family. I was missing something in my life and I couldn’t describe it
That spark ⚡️
That light switch 💡
Well I am certain I found it and I can’t help but share this amazing technology and all the benefits.
If you feel how I did, reach out. If you know what I’m saying, let me know!!! You’ve definitely have to try this drink!!