RoninGT 5 Day Ketone Flavor Trial

Ketones 5 Day Trial

5 Day Ketone Flavor Trial – $40

Experience the Power of Ketones! 5 servings of KETO//OS NAT® per Trial Pack.  Prüvit Ketone Supplements are The World’s First and Only Pure Therapeutic Ketones Made Naturally. KETONAT™ Puts Your Body Into Ketosis in 60 Minutes or Less.

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The Pruvit Ketone technology is LIFE CHANGING!

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Please Venmo $40 to @schultz3. Bill and Erica are on my team and assisting me with getting these flavor trials out to the masses. Once they receive you flavor trial request, they will text you with payment instructions and more details about Ketones.  Payment options include Paypal and Venmo for Flavor trials.  If you want to do the Drink Ketones Challenge; credit card, Paypal, and Sezzle are your payment options!  Stay Petty!