Todd Ellott Ketones

Todd E. | Phoenix, AZ

Yep…that is me! What a huge transformation in my health! I wanted to share my journey with Ketones and let everyone know…these therapeutic exogenous Ketones are AMAZING!!  This is my Keto Os Nat Before And After – 10 Days to Fat Loss & Energy update 10 months into my journey.

Do you want to experience mental clarity, energy beyond your wildest dreams and incredible sleep? Join me NOW with some Blue Ocean Unleashed – you won’t regret it….

Thanks to the Better Bunch and the Prüvit Community and Julie E. for such cool support!


Kaitlyn K. | Milwaukee, WI

I am 35 years old and a mom to a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old son!! I started drinking ketones almost 2 years ago. 

Before ketones I was severely overweight. My daughter was 7 weeks old when I started, and wasn’t sleeping at all, and I had zero energy for my toddler.  I was mentally and physically just done.  Even prior to kids I had tried every diet known to man. Nothing had ever worked for me. A friend of mine was drinking ketones and one day my husband and I just decided to give it a try. We haven’t looked back since. 
At first, I noticed I had more energy. Then I noticed my pants were fitting better, then I noticed my skin looked brighter and better, and so much more followed. The sleep I was getting, was real. I was able to function again. 
Glorious Ketones Drink

Dagmar & Ryan S. | Germantown, WI

I’m Dagmar, I just turned 45, married for almost 15yrs, and we have 2 kids in middle school. I’ve been utilizing pure therapeutic ketones since January 2018 along side with my husband. Before ketones came into our life, I was exhausted, full of anxiety, had a stressful management job, my husband Ryan was also stressed and overweight, our marriage was failing, and we were just co-existing. Ryan started drinking 1-2 packs every day, he felt amazing, shed 100lbs in 7 months, and now is a new man!! I just wanted to stabilize my mood and energy. With having Celiac disease, my digestive system was a mess and it limited my food options, so I now eat a clean, sustainable, low carb lifestyle as that’s what’s best for me. Since drinking ketones daily, I’m less tired and puffy from inflammation, my workouts are amazing, my body fat is down, my mood is so much better, my marriage is rejuvenated, I sleep like a log and energy is constant all day! This is really helping me age well!!! Last summer I was able to walk away from my job because sharing this became my purpose and passion as more people need to know about this technology that could BETTER their life. Excited to see what this could do for you! Let us know what questions you may have.

Pruvit Ketones Bill Schultz

Bill S.| Ripon, WI

I can honestly say that it is THIS DRINK that took me to the next level of feeling BETTER on many mental and physical levels.  My exercise performance and stamina is much stronger.   

I managed to find a few pounds of visceral FAT to release and the ketones have absolutely helped me shred!  The combination of exercise, eating right, and drinking Ketones have all resulted in a successful body transformation. 

Drinking Ketones is my secret weapon, and I feel at age 46 I am actually aging in reverse!

Andy B | Ripon, WI

Pruvit Ketones Andy Bradley

Erica S. | Ripon, WI

Pruvit Ketones Erica Schultz

Alicia B. | Ripon, WI

Pruvit Ketones Alicia Bradley

Disclaimer: “The results depicted in the photo (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved only through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with Prüvit’s dietary supplements. Results are not typical.” 

William W | Wisconsin

Josh and Dre | Ormund Beach, FL

Sara R | Wisconsin

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Chris F | Wisconsin

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Nicole | Oshkosh, WI

Josh Griffith | Charlottesville, Virginia

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